Smile Tarot / Oracle Cards


Smile Tarot by Cheri Reeder – 52 sexy cards in 4 suits that can be used as a tarot, oracle or playing card deck.


Smile Tarot by Cheri Reeder
Tarot Cards With a Twist
This sexy deck is one of my favorites because it is based on the book “The Smile on My Face” which delves into open relating / non-monogamy concepts and exercises, and the Tarot/Oracle cards work with the same ideas and illustrations. How many decks have cards like “Kinky BDSM” and “Threesomes”, in addition to other concepts such as “Authentic” and “Birth”? This deck features 52 cards in 4 suits, so it can be used as a Tarot deck, Oracle deck and as playing cards. The front of the card features illustrations from The Smile On My Face, and the back has a sentence for the reader to use as a tool of reflection. These cards are best used intuitively, and Smile Tarot is such a fun and unique set to read with, I asked the author if I could become a distributor.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2 × .5 × 3 in


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