Love & Romance Reading – 60 Minutes


Virtual (video chat) session, 60 minutes of intuitive reading focused on romantic relationships, using distance Reiki, crystals, tarot and/or oracle cards.


What’s in store for your love life, romance and relationships in the future? Do you have a twin flame, and have you met them yet? Is your current partnership a soul mate, karmic partnership or true love? Why is this person in your life? In this intuitive tarot and oracle reading, I communicate with your guides to bring you advice for your romantic relationships as well as the overall themes for your love life, and any upcoming issues to be aware of. I will outline your self-love purpose and what each relationship is meant to teach you, and any other communication that comes through from the spirit realms. I incorporate time/space Reiki energy to visualize your possible future timelines and offer practical options for conscious actions to take in order to create the path that your higher self is asking you to walk.


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