In-Home Reiki Healing – 90 Minutes


60 minutes of in-home crystal Reiki energy healing within San Diego county, including intake evaluation, crystals, aromatherapy, intuitive guidance, home cleansing and more.


Using seven selected vibrational stones for the seven chakras, along with sound therapy, aromatherapy, visualizations, and touch therapy, I channel Reiki energy to go into your body and heal areas that are in need of healing. I work through each of the chakras, I measure each chakra using a pendulum and then focus life force energy to open, align and/or balance the chakras. I also incorporate your home environment into your healing, by opening the session with a full energetic clearing and a focused intention for healing, and closing with a blessing over your home. Afterward, I use tarot and/or oracle cards to provide further insight into the session, how to heal your body/mind/spirit and any other messages from your spirit guides.


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