Getting Started

Interstellar Services guides you toward self-healing, soul ascension and spiritual guidance. My holistic body/mind/spirit approach to upleveling humanity involves assessing your physical health, material goals and spiritual receptivity, and then making personalized, intuitively guided recommendations for you.

First, we start with an intake questionnaire that helps me to understand your past, your current situation, and your healing goals. Next, I offer an initial healing session and from there we can decide on a personalized treatment plan for you that includes Reiki energy healing sessions, aromatherapy, sound therapy, journaling prompts and more. You can choose to continue with light healing, or select a series of deeper transformative healing sessions.

If you are looking to expand your ability to heal yourself and others, I also offer Reiki training and education in Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level. You are already a conduit of this powerful life force energy, but Reiki training teaches you the symbols that were revealed to a lineage of healers over time in order to grant you permission to channel deeper levels of healing. As a certified Reiki Master, I have authority to attune students and teach the sacred symbols of Usui Reiki.

You may want to start with an intuitive tarot & oracle reading to start awakening you to your life purpose. Your spirit guides are excited to speak to you and bring you messages from the other realms to help guide you toward your divine goals. Contact me to get started today; I am ready!