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Cosmic Book Creation Course

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Learn to Publish YOUR WAY in 6 Weeks
With an Industry Pro!

  • Do you want to create a professional book that will establish you as an expert in your field in order to build your brand and expand your influence?
  • Do you want to get your message out there in an overwhelming sea of information and short attention spans?
  • Do you want to impact the world through your message as a spiritual coach, business mentor, lightworker, or conscious content creator?
  • Do you want to learn how to create your own publishing company and own all of your work?

This is For You!

Lilly Penhall with a stack of books she has published.

I have 12 years of experience in the self-publishing universe, and I’ve published over 40 books and card decks for more than 15 authors, helping them become Amazon bestsellers and create books that established them as an expert in their field. I also currently work for Hay House, the largest spiritual/self-help publishing house in the world, where I’ve learned secrets to getting published in the traditional publishing space and have lots of connections with people in the industry.

I can help you learn to do what I have been charging people more than $2000 to do, for a fraction of the price of what I charge, and you can use this knowledge over and over again to publish books and card decks!

You have a message, and the world needs to hear it.

The Cosmic Creation Method will teach you how to go from having a good idea to having your book in your hands, without wandering aimlessly through the publishing universe or waiting for a publishing house to pick you out of thousands of submissions.

I created this program so that anyone who wants to self-publish their book can learn how to do it in the most professional and easiest way possible.

  • Maybe you thought about writing a book, but you felt so intimidated by the process that you didn’t even get started.
  • You probably write content all day but never considered organizing and publishing it. 
  • Maybe you are finished writing your book, but you don’t know how to put a book together, how publishing works, or you feel overwhelmed by the self-publishing process… so your manuscript sits on your hard drive, not being read. 
  • Maybe you tried Googling the answers but found so much information that was too vague to help, or didn’t seem professional enough, that you gave up. 
  • Maybe you took a self-paced writing course but didn’t finish it because it still involved a lot of time-consuming writing.
  • Maybe you even tried to self-publish a book (or ebook) on Amazon but it didn’t look professional and didn’t sell.
Lilly performing a creative activation during an Empowered Event hosted by Ally Kennedy

I know you want to be a published author so badly you can already feel your book in your hands…

Envision yourself speaking on a podcast about the book you recently published and sharing your wisdom…

See yourself invited onto a TEDTalk stage regarding the thing you are most passionate about…

Visualize reading your words at a book signing in front of a packed house…

Picture yourself selling thousands of copies of your book and getting picked up by a major publishing house for your next book…

Lilly performing a Creative Activation during an Empowered Event hosted by Ally Kennedy

All of this is possible with the
Cosmic Creation Method!

Testimonial from Catherine Auman, LMFT, Amazon bestselling author: It's been a joy working with Lilly Penhall on both my own books and those for my small press. She has a can-do attitude and plenty of great suggestions. Lilly is almost as much of a perfectionist on quality as I am which makes our books outstanding. I highly recommend making her a member of your team!

This is the only time I will be offering Cosmic Creation at this maiden voyage price!

Early bird pricing extends until October 3.

Lilly Penhall outside by the pool, smiling and reading one of her client's books, "The Smile On My Face" by Cheri Reeder.

In my publishing course, you will learn:

– the most common self-publishing mistakes and how to avoid them

– how to set up your own publishing company and own all rights to your work

– the value of an affordable editor

– how to make your book look professionally designed without paying professional designer prices

– print book AND ebook design tips

– how to succeed as a self-published author in a sea of information

– exclusive industry secrets that will help you get a contract with a major publishing house

It’s normal to feel nervous about navigating the publishing universe. I remember when I released my first book of poetry in 2012, how terrified I was to put my work out there.

Then I realized that what I was writing was going to help someone, and I wanted to share the wisdom I have learned over a lifetime.

I found a method to make publishing easier so I could help others share their wisdom as well.

The COSMIC CREATION METHOD is based on my 12+ years of self-publishing experience combined with the industry secrets I’ve learned working for the #1 spiritual publishing house in the world.

Lilly Penhall smiling next to a stack of books she published.

What do you get with the COSMIC CREATION COURSE?

Getting you from a great idea to a professional book in your hands – minimum of $2000 VALUE!

You will also have the tools necessary to create another book without having to pay someone else to do it for you – another $2000 value!

Becoming a published author – PRICELESS!

All for only $444!

CCC Includes Six Weeks of Modules:

  1. Traditional vs. Self-Publishing vs. The Cosmic Creation Method – all the basics you need to take flight
  2. Big Bang Business – setting up your press & registering the book in a flash
  3. Elements of Editing – why you need an editor and where to find one in the vastness of space
  4. Divine Design – Tech Week! 2 modules going over basic book layout and cover design so your book looks pro
  5. Ebook Wizardry – create for Kindle, Apple, B&N and all other ebook distributors, like magic!
  6. Supersonic Success Secrets – everything you need to know to blast off in the publishing universe

I want to work with people who are ready to move into their next-level self: the published author who gets invited to speak on podcasts and at workshops to promote their book.

I want to work with active content creators who are committed to their vision of inspiring a wider audience.

You’re ready for the Cosmic Creation Course if you have spent years creating content and have a message you want to share with the world.

If you want to tell your story, share your wisdom, and help others heal, enroll in Cosmic Creation!

You don’t need to have your book already written in order to register for this course: the things you will learn will help you write and publish your book.

But this course is not for you if you are not ready to use your voice to help others for fear of being judged, of your book not selling, or looking like an amateur.

You need to be ready to put yourself out there!

Cosmic Creation Star:

Your Universal Blueprint to Self-Publish a Book in 6 Weeks

  • 6 weeks of self-paced courses – Which will be LIVE for the maiden voyage
  • Recordings always available in the group
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Voxer group support during live round for Tuesday Tips and Friday Q&A

Cosmic Creation Course Celestial VIP:

Guided Coaching to Simplify the Creative Process in a Community Setting

  • Everything in the basic course PLUS
  • 6 weekly meetings of 1-on-1 coaching through the process via Zoom
  • 6 weeks of 1-on-1 Voxer support aligning with the coaching
  • 6 weeks of community Voxer support including Motivational Mondays and Work-In-Progress Wednesdays
  • 3 Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • BONUS!! 6 Weeks of community coaching through the Cosmic Creation Method of writing your book or card deck

$1999 regular

$1777 early bird (Before October 3)

$1222 for pre-sale upgrade
(if purchased before September 18)

You get all of this plus…

  • 6 weeks of workbooks – $250 value
  • Detailed instructions, visual guides and resources – $450 value!
  • 10 Canva ebook cover templates – $500 value!
  • Bonus! Access to my Cosmic Creation Method of Writing Mini-Course and Workbook
    “Learn How to Write Without Writing” – a $750 value!
Testimonial from Cynthia Gregory, award-winning author: Lilly's precise and intuitive design made publishing my second book a complete joy. I am thrilled with the results and very proud to show off the beautiful results of our collaborative co-creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the course begin?
A: The estimated start date is October 24, with our first live class on Friday, October 28. Live classes will be held on Friday mornings and available in the group no later than Saturday.

Q: Is this for book authors only?
A: This is for any kind of creator! Whether you are working on a book, a tarot or oracle deck, an art book, affirmation cards, journals, instructional manuals, ‘zines, or any other printed and electronic publication, you will learn so much about the creation and publishing process in Cosmic Creation.

Q: Is it self-paced or is it live?
A: It’s both! The maiden voyage will include the live course, which will be saved as recordings to be viewed again when you need it. The VIP upgrade includes additional 1-on-1 and group support.

Why take the Cosmic Creation Course?

You have a divine message that will help others, and I can help you spread your light throughout the universe!

An author holding their book for the first time is one of my favorite things. I’ve always been passionate about books, so I am grateful that I have found a way to combine my joy in helping people with my love for literature.

All of my clients are ambitious, idealistic entrepreneurs who also want to help people and change the world, just like me and you!

If I can facilitate others in spreading a message of hope and healing, I know in some way, I am changing the world too.

Join Cosmic Creation so we can work together to shine in a universe that needs your light.