The Guilt-Free Way to Align With the Divine

“The Guilt-Free Way to Align With the Divine”

Did your religious experiences growing up completely turn you off from spirituality?

Do you follow a belief system because your family practices it, but struggle with denying parts of your identity in order to “fit in” to their beliefs?

Have you had supernatural and spiritual experiences, but can’t figure out how they relate to your life?

This is for you!

I grew up in one of the most restrictive and abusive religions, and felt that I was not worthy of God’s love because of my nature: a bisexual free-loving intellectual wild magical woman. I was told that I was a sinner and rebellious and an abomination to God. Even after leaving Mormonism, I became an evangelical Christian, trying to “save” everyone and bring them to Jesus, still denying my true self.

I was always drawn to a spiritual connection through any and all means, including reading tarot cards and having telepathic powers, but the “one true church,” told me I was evil for these gifts. So I turned off my magic and tried fruitlessly to be a good Mormon, good Christian, good wife and good girl.

All my attempts to fit into their belief systems eventually led me to the deepest despair. I didn’t understand why I had to be so different and felt I had no purpose other than existence, so I tried to kill my spiritual side. Joking that my religious preference was “hedonism,” let me live guilt-free in my exploration of pleasure, but spirit wouldn’t stop pulling at me to connect. I studied most of the major world religions in search of a belief system that felt like home, but none of them felt right for me.

That’s why I created my own spiritual path, like a “Build Your Own Belief System” or a custom DIY religion designed by me, for me. I can help you rewrite the story you’ve been told, transforming you into a confident, connected, unconditionally loved Divine being.

I want you to experience the same freedom and peace that I know, without having to go through all the isolation, disconnectedness and guilt that I experienced. I didn’t have a guide to help me discover my path, so it took me years of stumbling, feeling lost, and fruitless searching to get to where I am now.

Because I love you and want to help you, I’ve created a simple method to break free from the religious and societal beliefs you were indoctrinated into, and discover your true Divine power.

If you’re like me, you probably have explored multiple religions, felt called to the occult and other alternative spiritual practices, or even experimented with psychedelics in an attempt to understand your supernatural experiences. 

Maybe you decided atheism or agnosticism was a better choice so that you could turn off your spiritual side altogether and not be triggered by the abuse you endured. I don’t blame you at all. Religious trauma runs deep.

Imagine being able to demolish all of the fear, anger and trauma that’s been distorting your spiritual connection, and feel the deep, enduring, unconditional love of your Higher Self!

See yourself rebuilding your connection through supporting spiritual practices that are aligned with your soul and validated by your ancestors and family.

How would you feel knowing you were walking in your Divine power, aligned with your true purpose, and fully embodying your human identity without judgment?

Curious? Connected? Cosmic? You can feel this way!

Since this is a revolutionary new method of spiritual coaching, I’m offering limited spaces in my program. If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in forging a new spiritual path, I am making a few private one-on-one coaching spots to go along with the Cosmic Connection course.

If your Soul is on Fire and you can’t wait to start, you receive a huge discount + bonuses! Sign up now to get a special price!

When you get through with this program, you will feel:

You can continue to live your life disconnected from the spiritual world, angry at God, recoiling at the mention of religion, and forever traumatized by religious abuse. But you know deep down inside that you are part of something large and important. 

You feel an inexplicable pull toward the invisible world, and see synchronicities everywhere (like repeating numbers or words) that make you feel like there’s something more than what you can see. That’s because there is, and it’s trying to communicate with you constantly.

All you have to do is open your heart!

Transforming your spiritual connection will reverberate into every facet of your physical and mental world, bringing you into full alignment with your cosmic purpose. That deep emptiness and longing will be filled by the judgment-free love you always needed, because it can only be found within your connection to your Highest Self.

I will never judge your beliefs and experiences, because I’ve been through it all. I can be your guide toward a fulfilled spiritual life, holding space as you awaken yourself to a new source of truth.

Cosmic Connection Course Option:

  • 13 Weeks of group coaching
  • Two 30-minute video courses per week – $2594 Value
  • Weekly worksheets and journal prompts – $269 Value
  • Cosmic Connection Community Membership – $99 Value
  • Always available to access

Total Value: $2962

Cosmic Connection Course + Coaching Option:

  • Everything in the Course Option +
  • One hour of private coaching per week – $1294 Value
  • 13 Weekly crystals & magical items selected by me to assist in your personal journey – $649 value
  • 11% off discount on my next course!

Total Value: $5039

Here’s how Cosmic Connection changes your life:

Step 1: Breaking Free

  • Review childhood religious beliefs
  • Identify what does not resonate
  • Burn it away & release that identity

Step 2: Rebuilding

  • Start with what’s left as your foundation
  • Access inner Divine connection
  • Discover spiritually supporting practices aligned with your culture

Step 3: Expanding

  • Deepen your connection to your Highest Self
  • Explore new beliefs that have been revealed through practice
  • Identify culturally aligned archetypes & deities to connect with

You will need to commit to your human self as well as your Highest Self that you will see this program through to completion. Give yourself permission to heal from the abuse and trauma of your childhood religion, and open your heart & mind to How this spiritual transformation will happen in your life.

If you’re still devoted to a belief system that has you looking outside yourself for God and a Savior, this program may not be right for you. Cosmic Connection is for people who are ready to connect personally with their Divinity and take responsibility for their spiritual growth.

Cosmic Connection Course Option:

  • Paid In Full: $1222
  • Payment Plan: $222/ Month for 6 months = $1332
  • Soul on Fire: $1111 PIF or $199 / 6 mo = $1194

Cosmic Connection Course + Coaching Option:

  • Paid in Full: $2222
  • Payment Plan: $444 / 6 months = $2664
  • Soul on Fire: $1777 or $333 / 6 months = $1998

“Soul on Fire” Clients get TWO Bonus hour-long 1-on-1 coaching sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end!

First, I have a few questions...

Q: I was raised without religion. Is this for me?

A: Yes! Society has still imposed many religious ideas onto us, such as toxic patriarchy, false modesty and religion being the only path to spirituality. Everyone can benefit from breaking free from this BS and discovering your true Divine power!

Q: Is this just another white neo-hippie culturally-appropriating new age bullshit program?

A: I totally get why you might think that. After all, I look like just another spiritual white girl acting like a guru. But what you find in this method is a way to become your OWN guru, instead of always looking outside of yourself to find the Divine. You get to dive into your own cultural heritage to connect with archetypes and deities that call to you. I’m here to guide you toward your Highest Self.

Q: I had really bad religious experiences and I’m not sure I want to go back there. Is this going to traumatize me more?

A: If you have had severe abuse and trauma caused by your religious upbringing, you might need counseling or therapy in addition to spiritual coaching. I highly encourage anyone who has experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse related to religion, to seek out the help of a professional psychotherapist and/or trauma counselor to support the process of rebuilding your spiritual connection. Only do what feels safe for your body and mind.

I love you so much that I want to help you achieve a state of peaceful connection with your Higher Self, without feeling guilt or shame for being a multifaceted human. You can be gay and love God. You can twerk as a spiritual practice. Your tattoos and bright colored hair and non-traditional family don’t make you any less worthy. 

You are Divinity embodied, fully experiencing your humanity. You don’t have to sacrifice anything to feel the unconditional love of the universe inside of you all the time. Take this leap of faith; the other side is beautiful!