About Me

Reborn January 1, 2019 as

Lillith Amara Shakti

Also Known As

Lilly Penhall

Photo by Katie Armstrong
The Matriarch Collaborative

Although I was spiritually reborn as a healer and given a new name in 2019, I feel that I have been reborn many times throughout my life so far. In the past I was a free-spirited child growing up in a deeply religious home; a rebellious teenager looking for my place in the world; an idealistic young woman in love with love; a married conservative religious school teacher thinking I was doing “the right thing;” a disillusioned divorcee in search of a new identity; a poetic nymph who finally felt secure in her skin; an adventurous writer on the road to find a new place to call home; a partying hedonist craving carnal pleasures; an imbalanced overwhelmed mother trying to survive in an overly judgmental world; and most recently, a heartbroken international resident finding herself alone and in need of healing. That is when Reiki finally found me.

After more than a year of study starting in the fall of 2017, I received my Reiki Master certification in February 2019. I practiced on myself, my family in person and over distance, my children, friends and even my highly skeptical partner until I felt comfortable charging others for my services.

Even though I believe I have been called as a healer, I feel that my purpose is best served in teaching others how to heal themselves and those around them, providing them with a service that keeps on serving them throughout their entire lives.

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